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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Octubre de 2010.

Stream. October 4/10

I went to the Post Office. An old man held the door for me. I couldn’t help but notice that he was wearing cheap, old clothing and I caught a whiff of cheap cologne.

On the way back home while walking I saw a beautiful young dark haired woman who looked very fashionable. She moved with grace, probably proud of her beauty.

I got home and one of the street cats I feed, Miss Tux, was at my front door. She looks great. I think that maybe she’s found a home somewhere in the neighborhood and she’s no longer a street cat. She was very affectionate with me.

I went in the house and the tv was on. It’s on right now in my bedroom, while I write this. It’s tuned to one of those chatty morning shows in which people sound like chirping birds. It’s an annoying sound to me. I’ll go turn it off and have another cup of coffee.

04/10/2010 15:09. ricardobrown #. sin tema

Stream II. October 4/10

I’m amazed at all these angry people I hear from. They’re angry at this, they’re angry at that. They’re pissed off about politics, they’re incensed about the state of the economy. They send me Emails, they call me on the phone and I’m courteous and pretend I listen. But, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. I’d rather listen to music or read poetry. Who gives a shit about other people’s trivial anger?

04/10/2010 15:23. ricardobrown #. sin tema

Stream III. October 4/10

I went to see "Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps," the new Oliver Stone flick, over the weekend. It’s good. It was the first time I’ve been to the movies in about a year. I went to see it because I’m an Oliver Stone movies fan. I think Stone’s politics suck. He’s a commie dictator worshipper. But he’s a great director. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got nominated for an Oscar. Michael Douglas, too. He does a great job with his role. Lots of subtlety by Douglas in those closeups that Stone likes to use. By the way, even though I’m basically against most of Stone’s political beliefs, I do respect this: The guy went to Vietnam. He didn’t dodge the draft like many chicken-hawk politicians of his generation. 

04/10/2010 15:34. ricardobrown #. sin tema

Stream IV. October 4/10

Look, you shouldn’t think I’m a member of your tribe. I don’t like tribes. I don’t like clubs, political parties, religious denominations. I’m me. Maybe I’m uninformed. Maybe I’m just plain stupid. But I’m satisfied being what I am and I really don’t want to be a part of your group. I don’t share your anger, your fear, your obsession, whatever it is that makes you part of your tribe. Did you ever read Thoreau? I had a hunch you didn’t. Well, I did read him. And I actually went to Walden Pond a few times. I know you don’t know what I’m talking about, but, hey, I’d rather walk to the beat of my own drum, you know? So, please, don’t think I’m part of your tribe. I respect your right to be the way you are. But, please, take me off your mailing list. Thank you.

04/10/2010 15:52. ricardobrown #. sin tema

Stream V. October 4/10

Crap. I’m late. Gotta get going. It’s Monday again and it’s rush/rush, work/work. It makes no sense. Why is that old Animals’ tune playing in my head. You know, “We’ve gotta get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do.” Is that the way it goes? Is my subconcious telling me something. Hell, I’ve really got no time to dwell on it. Gotta get moving. Monday morning blues. Monday morning woes. The cycle begins anew. I’m beginning to think it’s meaningless.

04/10/2010 16:09. ricardobrown #. sin tema

Stream VI. October 4/10

I go into the building where I work. I get in the elevator. An old guy is a few feet behind me. He’s moving slowly, so I hold the door for him. He thanks me in Spanish. I say, “you’re welcome” in English. He doesn’t mean any harm, of course. He’s just a nice old guy. But shouldn’t he know enough English at least to say “thank you”? I mean, no one’s expecting the old guy to be able to read the Gettysburg Address aloud, but is “thank you” that hard? And don’t tell me the old guy spoke in Spanish because he knew I speak the language. He obviously doesn't know who the hell I am. Am I intolerant? Maybe I am, but I think if you’re going to live in the US or even if you’re visiting in the US you should be able to say “thanks” in English.

04/10/2010 23:33. ricardobrown #. sin tema

Stream Some More. October 12/10


I go into this little cafe near where I work. I order a “café con leche.” The Central American girl who serves me asks if I want any sugar in it and I say no. So what happens? She puts sugar in it. But what the hell are you going to do, scream at her? I say nothing.

There’s this other girl who works there who’s from Pinar del Río. She told me so. Anyway, she thinks my name is Guillermo. And every time I go in there and she serves me it’s “Hello, Guillermo, thank you, Guillermo, have a good day, Guillermo.” I say nothing. Guillermo it is. Guillermo this, Guillermo that.

12/10/2010 14:02. ricardobrown #. sin tema