Do Obama's little girls like Daddy Yankee's music?


I didn’t get to see much of the opening night of the Democratic Convention. I was working. When I got home, I clicked Cnn on my television set. Michelle Obama was speaking. I really didn’t listen too intently, but I think she was saying Barack is a wonderful husband and dad and he helps with the dishes when he’s at home in Chicago. Wow. I did see the exchange between Michelle and her daughters and Barack, who was far away in Kansas City last night but appeared on a huge television screen. Michelle is a beautiful, bright woman and the Obama little girls are cute and smart and Barack looked relaxed and very happy . It’s obvious that the Obamas are a wonderful family, a sort of twenty first century version of those American families from fifties and early sixties television. They remind me of Leave It To Beaver and Father Knows Best. But, please tell me, because I’m very dumb: what the hell does any of this have to do with electing the next president of the world’s most powerful country?

I also read in the news that John McCain has been endorsed by none other than that great political thinker of our times Daddy Yankee, a fantastic “reggetón” star. I’m not a huge fan of Daddy Yankee’s style of music, but I recognize that he has a lot of talent and charisma, and I guess he has a perfect right to speak out on political issues and back or oppose any candidate of his choosing. But I must confess that I’m not giving much weight to his take on the presidential race.

I should probably be impressed by the fact that Obama has a stunning wife and they’re raising dynamite little girls, and that John McCain, who is just about to turn 72, has the support of a very popular, young “regetonero.” But I think all this stuff is banal and stupid. I guess I’m getting very old and cranky.



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