Stream VI. October 4/10

I go into the building where I work. I get in the elevator. An old guy is a few feet behind me. He’s moving slowly, so I hold the door for him. He thanks me in Spanish. I say, “you’re welcome” in English. He doesn’t mean any harm, of course. He’s just a nice old guy. But shouldn’t he know enough English at least to say “thank you”? I mean, no one’s expecting the old guy to be able to read the Gettysburg Address aloud, but is “thank you” that hard? And don’t tell me the old guy spoke in Spanish because he knew I speak the language. He obviously doesn't know who the hell I am. Am I intolerant? Maybe I am, but I think if you’re going to live in the US or even if you’re visiting in the US you should be able to say “thanks” in English.

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