Stream. October 4/10

I went to the Post Office. An old man held the door for me. I couldn’t help but notice that he was wearing cheap, old clothing and I caught a whiff of cheap cologne.

On the way back home while walking I saw a beautiful young dark haired woman who looked very fashionable. She moved with grace, probably proud of her beauty.

I got home and one of the street cats I feed, Miss Tux, was at my front door. She looks great. I think that maybe she’s found a home somewhere in the neighborhood and she’s no longer a street cat. She was very affectionate with me.

I went in the house and the tv was on. It’s on right now in my bedroom, while I write this. It’s tuned to one of those chatty morning shows in which people sound like chirping birds. It’s an annoying sound to me. I’ll go turn it off and have another cup of coffee.

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