I went to a garden party. Nov. 29, 09


I went to a garden party. Well, it was sort of a garden party. A benefit event for poor people somewhere. And it was in a sort of roof top garden in a new huge, almost empty sky scraper in Miami. One of those grandiose buildings which were supposed to be the new face of Miami when no one thought that the real estate bubble would burst. Now the building is a white elephant. Like many other buildings in Miami.  Miami has become a white elephant cemetery.

Anyway, I didn’t know many people in that garden party. It was sort of a play of words of the old Rick Nelson song where he said no one knew his name at a garden party he went to. In this case, no one knew my name and neither did I know anybody’s name. Well, almost anybody. There was this person whose name I know because I’ve seen him on Spanish-language television for many years. He’s a big star. Literally, because he probably tips the scales at over 300 pounds. This big star was one of the offcial masters of ceremony at this party so he got on a stage and spoke into a mike. I was astounded at his lack of English language skills. Hell, I always thought his limited command of Spanish was due to the fact that he grew up in this country. I figured that he spoke lousy Spanish because his main language was English.

But it turned out that his English is just as bad as his Spanish.

It’s amazing that someone can work on Spanish language tv in this country and be bilingually illiterate. They’ve really dumbed down big time Spanish language television in the US. Sad.



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